about homerparts


Before starting homerparts, I worked for a global sourcing company. After many years of experience, I found that two main problems have always existed in the market.

  1. The buyers, always need a better supplier to ensure the purchasing activity is under-optimized quality, service, technology, and price.
  2. The suppliers, especially the factories, always need better sales, marketing, and advertisements.

As China is a growing place for the manufacturers in many industries, there are more and more products with good quality and price, so I realize that it is still necessary to bridge the factories and buyers.

With our partner 200+ factories in different industries, we can help you to fulfill your personal need or grow your business by,

  • Get ideas on what products to sell in online/offline stores.
  • Get an improved price on quality products, paying by goods cost or sourcing commission.
  • Design, develop, customize and plan your own brand, packaging, products.

Our focused industries and it is still expanding,

  • Car parts
  • Industrial Filters
  • Machinery

Many new startup companies have been succeeded with us, why not contact us for any questions and inquiries. Thanks.